Scarab Trencher 300mm
The Scarab Trencher is a mini straight-line trenching machine, that is designed to dig trenches up to 300mm deep, and 65mm wide in soil.
The Scarab Trencher uses a cutting disc with tungsten tips and can dig up to 3 1/2 metres per minute, depending on depth and type of soil..

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Our Trencher has proved very popular for golf course trenching and golf course irrigation systems.

Golf Course Maintenance


Our Scarab Trencher has been very popular with Golf Courses because it digs such a neat trench that is really easy to backfill. This saves the golf course a lot of time and minimises the impact on players being effected by having manual labor on the course digging with spades and making a real mess of your lush golf course..


Here is a picture of some of the more than 20km of Trenching done at a Golf Course on the North Cost of Kwazulu Natal.

Some 20km Of Trenching at a Golf Course

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