Scarab Trencher 300mm
The Scarab Trencher is a mini straight-line trenching machine, that is designed to dig trenches up to 300mm deep, and 65mm wide in soil.
The Scarab Trencher uses a cutting disc with tungsten tips and can dig up to 3 1/2 metres per minute, depending on depth and type of soil..

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Welcome to Scarab Trenchers, the only trencher made in South Africa. Scarab Trencher is the result of years of research and development and as a result what we have to offer is an affordable, portable trenching machine.

Who needs the ScarabTrencher?
Builders, plumbers, electricians,
landscapers, CCTV installers, pool
companies, electric gate installers,
farmers, concrete fencing erectors,
security fencing contractors,
driveway companies, gardeners,
and, of course, the DIY people.

Scarab Trencher

Digging trenches is a slow, laborious job, made even more difficult when roots are encountered. Whether you want to replace a leaking water pipe, bury low voltage electric cables for driveway lights, or even make an edge for a garden,
the Scarab TRENCHER is the way to go.

A cutting disc rotating at 600 rpm, and fitted with 8 tungsten tipped points, makes short work of most soil types.

If you really have to dig up your lawn, you donít need a trench the width of a spade to lay a 25mm pipe!

Donít spend the price of a family car on a chain Trencher when the Scarab can do the job for a fraction of that cost.

The Scarab TRENCHER is designed and built by Scarab Enterprises in South Africa.†

In our quest to build the best possible machines, Scarab Enterprises reserve the right to make changes as required to product lines, without notice.

The low cost Scarab TRENCHER †is the answer to your trenching needs.

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